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Dry Cleaners in Victoria, BC

Don't just trust your wedding wear with anyone. You want to be sure that it is handled with the best care possible. Here are the top choices for dry cleaners in Victoria, BC:

The WetCleaner For a chemical-free option, check out The WetCleaner, a non-toxic drycleaner in Victoria. Not only are they Victoria's only eco-alternative to toxic dry cleaning, but they were also voted #1 cleaner in 2010. Unlike traditional dry cleaners that use PERC, WetCleaner cleans using fresh water in combination with biodegradable, non-toxic detergents and finishing agents, making it ten times less harmful to the environment than at-home laundry. WetCleaner is Victoria's only non-toxic chemical free alternative.

Martinizing Martinizing Dry Cleaning is an upscale dry cleaning franchise providing high quality and service at competitive pricing. Since 1949, they've offered many services, including on-premise shirt laundries, comforter/bedspread and household item cleaning, 24/7 VIP drop-offs, VIP membership discounts, home pick-up and delivery and other services, especially wedding wear!

Tillicum Laundromat Located in Victoria, Tillicum is a retro-style laundromat with washers, dryers, and on-site dry cleaning. They also offering washing, drying, and folding your laundry. They offer many options and services, as well.